Shipping FAQs

Booking shipments online

Do I need a FedEx account to ship using

No, you do not need a FedEx account to ship online. Book a shipment online by completing the Waybill.

Can I complete the entire shipping process online?

Other than payment for the shipment, the entire process can be handled online. You can create a shipping Waybill, book a pickup or track a shipment online.

How do I book a shipment online?

To book a shipment online without using an account number, you need to follow few simple steps. Go to our Shipping Services section and click on 'Learn how to ship online'.

How do I get my package to FedEx?

You can either schedule a pickup online or drop-off your package at any of the FedEx World Service centres or FedEx stations.

How do I cancel a pickup?

You can cancel a pickup by calling Customer Service.

Can there be any discrepancy in shipping charges which are displayed on this website?

Shipping rates are estimated on the basis of the information provided by the customer. If FedEx determines that there is any discrepancy, FedEx reserves the right to adjust the shipping rates accordingly.

As per the final shipping rates, the customer may be required to provide for the additional shipping charges, until which the shipment will not be processed further. Hence it is recommended to keep handy additional cash, during pickup by FedEx or drop-off at the FedEx service station.

In cases wherein a discrepancy is determined by FedEx, the Money Back Guarantee (MBG) may not be applicable and will be finally determined by FedEx on a case to case basis.