International shipping

Whether it’s an important document or a gift you are sending to your loved one, FedEx provides reliable service options that best suits your requirements.

You can choose our time- definite FedEx International Priority® service if the shipment is urgent. If the shipment is less urgent, you can opt to send it through FedEx International Economy® service.

For all your outbound shipments when the package weight is no more than 68kg.

  Transit Time*
Destination FedEx International Priority® FedEx International Economy®
USA 2 days 4 days
Canada 2 days 4 days
Europe 2 days 4 days
Latin America 2 - 4 days 4 - 6 days
Asia 2 days 4 days
Middle East 2 - 3 days 4 - 5 days
Africa - Oceania 2 - 4 days 4 - 5 days

*Transit times and delivery commitments may vary depending upon exact origin, destination and nature of goods carried.