Learn how to ship online

Whether you are an experienced shipper or just getting started, booking shipments online is quick and easy. Here are a few steps to help you book your shipment online.

1. Choose your service

Choose to send your document or parcel, by selecting the relevant option from the Ship section.

2. Complete the Air Waybill for your shipment

Prepare the Air Waybill for your shipment by filling in the required information.

3. Schedule a pickup

While filling in the Air Waybill, you can schedule a shipment pickup from your doorstep. You can alternatively drop the shipment to the nearest FedEx station or FedEx World Service Centre.

4. Prepare the package and documents

After completely filling the Air Waybill online, print a copy. Along with the copy of the Air Waybill, ensure you have all the necessary documents for your shipment. Keep the package in open condition for the FedEx courier to inspect. For more on shipping, click here, to read about our FAQs on shipping.

5. Track your shipment

After handing over the shipment to FedEx, you can then track your shipment and get delivery information.